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Who is PEN?


The Parent Engagement Network (PEN) is a grassroots, parent-led 501 (c)(3) non-profit that uses a strength-based approach to engage, educate, and empower parents to promote the social- emotional and mental wellbeing of youth and families. PEN provides two main programs: the 9- month Community Calendar of Events and the PEN School Team Communities. Since 2001 PEN has maintained a unique relationship with the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) and continues to offer programs which benefit all BVSD schools, administration, parents, youth and community.

Our Community Calendar of Events is designed to promote conversations, build relationships, connect people to local and national resources, and empower them to take action.

PEN School Team Communities provide a network of support for parents to connect and work together to have an impact on the climate of their school. Our PEN School Support Team and school volunteers work in collaboration with principals, staff, counselors, youth, and other parents to implement ideas that fit each school's vision.
PEN recognizes that parents are central to building thriving youth and healthy communities. For over a decade we have provided opportunities for parents to gain the knowledge, skills, and tools that are necessary to develop the social, emotional and mental health of ALL families and youth.