Start Your Own Group

PEN supports parents coming together to form parenting book groups based on a range of varied parenting books. We offer you guidelines, helpful hints, and book recommendations aiding parents to form their own parenting book groups.

Parenting Book Groups offer parents the opportunity to explore issues in raising youth that are common to all parents. Many busy parents of youth don’t have enough time to connect with their peers or build a network of support. Parenting Book Groups not only help to inform you about adolescence, but they also help you to connect with parents that are dealing with similar questions and issues.

Comments From Parents in Parenting Book Groups:

“Having the support of others has minimized my level of stress. I don’t feel that I’m going through this alone.”
“This gave me a broader perspective on what’s normal for teenagers.”
“I walk away each time my group meets with ideas of how to do things differently.”
Book Suggestions

Recommendations for Forming a Group

  • Create a group of at least 8-12 parents (to allow for attrition)
  • Consider age and gender of the participant’s child/ren – diversity will give you more perspectives from which to learn
  • Set expectations and norms
  • Meet bi-weekly or monthly (groups meeting less frequently than this have shown less cohesiveness and people drop off)
  • Confidentiality is paramount- the more people feel they have created a safe space, the more they will be comfortable in sharing (but not required)
  • Group meeting locations – Members homes, Schools, YMCA, Recreation Centers, Public libraries, Restaurants, etc.

Other Options if a Parenting Book Group Doesn’t Work For You:

Fawnda Hathaway, PEN Book Group Coordinator,; 303-604-2547