Where Your Money Goes
Please help us in: 

Developing parents

Creating leaders in schools

Delivering relavant, high-quality information

Supporting parents

Having childcare

Providing translation/interpretation


Monthly Donor Levels
Buddy: $5.00/mo
  • Ackowledgement on website
Good Buddy: $10.00/mo
  • All above, plus
  • Free admission to a PEN Speaks event
Friend: $25.00/mo
  • All above, plus
  • Free copy of back-pocket tips
Good Friend: $50.00/mo
  • All above, plus
  • Free admission to Luncheon
Great Friend: 75.00/mo
  • All above, plus
  • 2 for 1 tickets to the Gala
  • 1 free raffle ticket at the Gala
Best Friend: $100.00/mo
  • All above, plus
  • 2 free tickets to the Gala
  • Free entry to exclusive pre-gala event
Sponsorship Opportunities
Event Sponsorship:

Sponsoring an event is a great way to support your community and increase your bottom line.  PEN welcomes the sponsorship of any event, including our two major annual events: The Annual Gala and The Stress and Anxiety Symposium. Please contact Shelly Mahon for details – shelly.mahon@penbv.org 

Corporate Sponsorship:

Supporting a nonprofit not only increases your company’s social impact, but also helps to build a thriving community.  By combining our resources, we are better able to engage, educate and empower parents to grow our next generation of leaders. Join in supporting our mission by contacting shelly.mahon@penbv.org today.


Get Involved in PEN

Research shows that giving back to your community actually increases your mental health and well-being.

PEN is a warm community of caring adults who want what is best for their own families, the families of their friends and neighbors, and their community at large.

There are a number of ways to be involved in our organization. If you feel like you want to develop yourself as a parent, give back, and become part of a loving community, contact us today.

Please reach out to Kate Spector at kate.spector@penbv.org or Paula Nelson at paula.nelson@penbv.org