Our Approach

Our approach is grounded in the three pillars of parenting: being engaged, educated, and empowerd!

PEN provides a variety of opportunities for you to engage in your child’s development and your own well-being.

   Combining parent education and parent leadership training with community partnerships allows us to provide a wholistic approach to supporting families.

Learn, Lead, and Live Into Parenting!


PEN believes it takes a village to raise a child, and being engaged is the first step in creating that village. We embrace the broadest definition of engagement, which involves being involvement in and outside of the classroom. PEN believes that parent engagement is a shared responsibility where schools, agencies, and organizations reach out to parents in meaningful ways, and parents actively support their children’s learning and development. Our job is to reach out and be available; your job is to show up!



PEN values knowledge that is research-based, accessible to all parents, applicable to everyday life, and builds capacity across multiple contexts. That is why we provide educational opportunities for parents with pre-k to young adult children. Our ongoing programs address topics parents can expect to encounter, while our responsive programs address the specific needs or issues facing individual schools and the larger community. Educational programs range from large speaking engagements to intimate coffee talks.


Parents are the best parents they know how to be. PEN empowers parents by accepting them fully, loving them deeply, an encouraging them to be strong and more confident in their ability to do what is best for themselves and their child. PEN provides relevant and meaningful tools and information that result in postive parenting strengths and skills. We help parents learn how to accept themselves, ask for help, and give back by supporting other parents.

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