PEN Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to volunteer and be a part of the PEN Team. Whether you only have a few hours or many to give we can find a spot that suits your passion and talents. PEN offers opportunities to work in committees or individually, from your home, in schools or at events. Check the boxes below that fit with your area(s) of interest and submit your form to us. We will be in touch within a few days and find the best match for you.



This is a dynamic Word Press website that is currently built and being maintained by our webmaster. We have a few tasks that we are seeking assistance with:


The Newsletter Team designs and creates a monthly email newsletter which is sent to subscribers through Constant Contact. The newsletter contains information about upcoming events, fundraisers, school team activities, and collaborators.

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PEN Speaks - Community Event Calendar

The calendar of events development team, is comprised of the Calendar Chair, Executive Director, Program Director, school team and community members who The PEN Speaks Event Calendar planning team meets from January through June to select the year’s theme and coordinate speakers, dates, and locations for the PEN Speaks Community Calendar of Events the following school year.

Events Support Team

This team provides the logistical support for each presentation on the PEN Community Conversations Calendar. Event support can be done on an event by event basis or you can choose to coordinate a particular area (e.g. childcare) for the year. Logistical support often works in conjunction with the hosting School PEN Team.

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PEN PALs (Parents As Leaders in Schools) Development

Assist the Program Director with monthly coaching and training, provide technical assistance and strategic planning for PEN PAL Teams, assit PEN PAL Jump Start/Orientation, outreach and support to PEN PALs

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team works develops a marketing plan for the organization and works in coordination with the Calendar of Events Planning, Event Logistical Support, and Fundraising Teams to design and create materials used in marketing the organization and promotion of our events.

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The Fundraising Team develops and implements the fundraising plan for the financial sustainability of the organization.

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