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  • Families
  • Schools
  • Individuals & organizations

We know the needs of families vary greatly and are sensative to the cultural differences in our community.

  • PEN seeks to serve all families
  • Translation and interpretation available upon request
  • Childcare availabe upon request



PEN is always looking for parent volunteers who want to develop themselves and help us bring resources to their school.

Contact us TODAY to get involved!


“Being a parent means loving your child more than you ever loved yourself.”

When you become a parent, you sign up for a lifetime of worrying and wanting what’s best for your child.

PEN knows that you will not always know what you need until you need it. You  cannot predict how the journey will go, and the path to adulthood will be different for every child. That is why we meet you where you are.

We will be there to provide the support, information and resources you need to embrace the expected, unexpected, difficult and uncertain aspects of parenting.

After attending an event, one parent said,

“The presenter gave a fair, unbiased, unflinching look at the hard truths. It made me feel liberated to face reality and not be afraid to talk about such an awkward, painful, worrisome subject.”

Parents of children from kindergarden to graduation come to us for:

  • general parenting information
  • prevention strategies
  • ways to manage risky behaviors
  • information to prepare their child for the future

PEN provides a community of support, a place to build your parenting toolbox, and a touch stone for dealing with challenging issues.  We are committed to providing an environment where parents can engage in conversations about hard issues, find other parents who share similar experiences, and get the support they need to feel engaged, educated and empowered in their parenting.


PEN works in partnership with schools so that we can understand the needs of individual school communities.  Our programs allign with the best-practices of parent engagement and the national standards for family-school-community partnerships. 

One administrator said,

“We work with students, PEN works with parents, together we work with families”.

School staff, administrators, counselors and teachers attend our programs because they interact with parents and youth on a regular basis and can benefit from the contact. Professional development credits are available.

A principal said, 

“PEN brings in programs, usually free of charge. They involve my teachers, so that they get this incredible opportunity to engage in these learnings. They advertise through every possible media site to bring in my parent community … what we are doing is creating community. If I were to think about what PEN is doing now, I would say, they are staying out in front. They are staying in front of what our community needs… PEN is really pushing the envelope of what parent engagement means in the Boulder community.”


Professionals also attend our programs because they work with families and our offerings help them stay on top the most current information. PEN is a good place to build a professonal network and learn from others. Again, professional development credits are often available.

One professional shared,

I come to PEN programs because I always get something that makes me better at my job.

In addition to attending our events,  PEN relies on professionals who work with families to provide expert information, resources and tools related to important topics facing parents. Together we help to create healthy, happy families and communities.



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