Do you feel overwhelmed by the pervasive stress and anxiety that permeates our families, schools, communities, and individual happiness? PEN recognizes that every parent must at some point wrestle with the battle for time, energy and balance.  And, every parent worries that their children will do the same. We can help!

Stress & Anxiety

If you are tired of being negatively impacted by stress and anxiety, PEN can help! Below, you will see a number of resources that will help you rethink, reset, and refresh your relationship with stress & anxiety.


Dr. Ben Mullin Keynote
Values and Needs Exercise
Take Hold of Your Mind Workshop
Stress and the Gut Handout
Self Observation Worksheet
Play and Anxiety Handout
Nutrition and Anxiety Handout
Needs Inventory
Intro to Mindfulness Handout
Fight or Flight Self Assessment
Feelings List
Are You Stuck in Fight or Flight?
Turn Anxiety Into Your Super Power Handout
Laughter and Stress PEN Handout
NAMI Anxiety Disorders Handout


Una introducción a la atención plena y la reducción del estrés  (An Introduction to Mindfulness)
Depresiòn (Depression)
Métoda de Tensar y Relajar (Tense and Relax)
Métodos de Respiración Profundo  (Deep Breathing)
Lidiar con el estres (Coping With Stress) English/Spanish
Desorden de Ansiedad (Anxiety Disorders)

Drugs & Alcohol

Coming Soon!

Parenting in a Digital Age

Coming Soon!

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