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Parents As Leaders In Schools (PEN PALS)

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Transition Program

Transitions can be a challenging for both parents and children, even when the associated changes are expected or even exciting.  The Parent Transition Program is designed to help parents with their child’s transition to elementary, middle or high school and is a complement to Boulder Valley School District’s 360 Student Mentor Program in which upper-class students mentor incoming students. 


Our Solution

PEN believes in doing what we can to prepare parents for what to expect when their child moves from one school to another.

The goals of this program are to:
● proactively connect with incoming and new families to a school
● promote a welcoming school atmosphere
● provide parents with information to successfully navigate the transition into a new school 
● encourage parent involvement in school activities
● support teacher and staff communication goals
● increase awareness of and connection to resources specifically relevant to their family

Greeter Program

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Our Solution

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